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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Thank you!

Tangled and True, a great mommy/design blog, had a contest featuring the fabulous wares of Darlybird, a new online retailer specializing in ridiculously cute (and decently-priced) stuff for home and family. We won! The package came yesterday and included a sweet BlaBla knit monkey, a French Bull melamine dinnerware set, and a super cute bobby pin. Here's what the goods looked like freshly-delivered, just after nap time:

And put to good use at dinnertime, al fresco:

Obviously, Roo's hair was beyond bobby pin help, but if I could just get her to wear the thing, it would be absolutely adorable:

Thank you, Tangled and True and Darlybird! You made our day.

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  1. Very cute! It seems like the package found the perfect home. And that dinner looks GOOD! Happy Mother's Day.

    Tangled and True.


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