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Friday, May 11, 2007

I hear the train a-coming...

I grew up in Hawaii where the only trains had to do with pineapple and sugar cane farming, I wasn't particularly interested. Roo likes Thomas train toys but I find them deeply disturbing. Still, I can't keep her away from trains. Kids love 'em, I guess, trains and dinosaurs alike.

Luckily, there's Timmy & Tammy's Train of Thought, a new-fangled train book by Oliver Chin.

When I say it's new-fangled, I really kind of mean old-fangled. First of all, Timmy and Tammy are siblings who like to play together. Astonishing! Their parents both read them stories at night! Who'd of thunk?!

The entire family goes on a magical train ride together in which the train morphs from subway car to trolley to playground train to bullet train... it's a little odd for adults but kids seem to understand it perfectly. The fetching illustrations are by Heath McPherson and remind me of the classic storybooks of my youth, filtered through a candy-colored Nick Jr prism: retro, but not too retro.

I don't think I would even mind reading this three times in a row, as the little dictator is demanding these days...

Check out Immedium's other releases, too. We are especially entranced with the Octonauts, who have a new book coming out this fall, and hope to check out The Year of the Pig soon (the 2007 book from Immedium's annual Tales of the Chinese Zodiac series) since baby Jasper is going to be a little piggy.

Roo is a monkey, but you could probably have guessed that!

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