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Monday, May 07, 2007


Roo's already tucked into her bunk bed, snug as the proverbial bug in a rug, but I bet she would be sleeping even more soundly if she had a pair of these:

She loooooves that pigeon. I'm trying to think of a good reason to buy these now, since her birthday and all major gift-giving holidays are months away. I'm sad I didn't discover Perfect PJs before Christmas. One-stop shopping: everyone loves pajamas, grown-ups and kids alike! They also carry a nice selection of baby gifts (bibs, onesies, blankies, etc.) and goofy plush toys of the UglyDoll and Pooki variety. But honestly, the coolest PJs are the ones with tie-ins to your kid's favorite books. You can buy solo PJs or books gift bundled with PJs. There's Guess How Much I Love You, Chicka Boom, Ella the Elephant, Good Boy Fergus... Roo is obsessed with the pigeon, as I mentioned, but she's also pretty fond Jane Yolen's series of dinosaur books. Who could resist cuddling up with your favorite book and matching jammies? Oh, if only they came in my size! Umm, in maternity. Nope, they only come in 12 month-10 year sizes. Kids get all the cool stuff!

And if enough of my friends purchase cuddly duds from the nice folks at Perfect PJs and mention you discovered them here, I could get a nice store credit to use on 'em. Because obviously, Roo needs more clothes, right?

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