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Friday, June 01, 2007

Dress-up Time!

The costumes from Aeromax's Get Real Gear line are pretty cool. No princessy fluff or glitter here, just sturdy, hard-working dress up gear– pilots, fireman, doctors, GIs, etc. Perfect for kids who already know what they want to be when they grow up! Or whose relatives want to gently, uh, prod them in a certain direction. I am surprised my mom didn't go out and buy the Jr. Armed Forces Pilot costume as soon as she found out I was expecting a boy…

My personal favorites are the Jr. Ninja (of course) and the Jr. S.W.A.T., which comes complete with helmet and police baton.

Aeromax also has Get Real Gear in adult sizes for several of the costume styles, so you can coordinate a family crew. No adult sizes in the furry Kid's Safari costume division, thankfully. I think I saw a CSI episode about that once. I'm still sad there's no adult Ninja outfit, though! What a stealthy family that would be…

Roo, of course, still wants to be She-Ra, but we're about 20 years late for that costume opportunity. Anybody have a spare She-Ra costume in size 2-4 laying around ?

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