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Thursday, June 21, 2007


I pretty much love everything at Mahar Dry Goods, which features art-oriented kids' stuff, kind of like a finely narrowed down selection from the coolest crafts fair ever. (I've been trying to pimp Bob's wooden toys and dolls to them but he apparently has a master plan for them that he won't let me in on.) Anyway, check out the stunningly adorable loungewear set that showed up there recently:

I love squirrels. I am not sure if they even exist in Hawaii, where I grew up. All of the palm trees have metal rings on them to prevent rats from climbing up and disturbing coconuts, but I don't think there were any squirrels. There are definitely no snakes but oddly I am not half as charmed by them.

Before we came up with Roo, Bob was pushing pretty hard for Squirrel as her middle name, so I have a soft spot in my heart for the li'l woodland creatures. Plus we feed a tiny army of them who hang out on our porch with our cats all day. They like to bitch us out and throw nuts at us.

I love the faux bois ("fake wood," I learned that from Martha Stewart, thank you very much) fabric, too. Campy in the most literal sense. And I am nothing if not literal!

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