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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to Preschool

Roo has her first Fall back to preschool experience this week. Well, it's kind of a starter week with staggered half days to get the kids used to being there. Which means that her normal 8:15-11 am day is 8:15-9:30 am. Which makes me wonder what good it is to get her dressed and bundled off to school, since it takes about ten minutes to drive each way, but you know that's just my innate cynicism popping up. She's learning to love learning, even though it's only for an hour, right?

We don't have a "back to school" routine down yet. Mostly it's a question of how to juggle Jasper's nursing schedule around getting Roo fed and out the door on time. If you have a more choreographed routine, you could describe it over at Life From My Laptop and be entered to win a Kitchen Folio and planner from MomAgenda, which I have been coveting but haven't plunked down the cash for yet. I would like to think these things could organize my life, but my past experience with planners has been that I, uh, fink out and stop using them about a month into ownership. If I win, though, I promise to try again. Harder this time.

If anyone has any helpful back to school hints, I would love to hear them.

And, hey, doesn't Roo look sweet in her brand new school shoes? Her teacher banned sandals and flip flops due to pebbles in the playground, even though it's still above 90ยบ, so she has to wear closed-toe shoes. Pink and orange mary janes, how gorgeous are they??? We love Umi Shoes, they are not only super-stylish but comfy, too. We've had a couple pairs of Umis but these are my personal favorites. At lunch, Roo actually took them off and made her grandma touch them to feel how soft they are! I wish they came in my size. They make me wish it was cold enough for tights. Grandma says we need to get Roo more pink and orange outfits to match. For once, I concur.

Umi is supposed to be launching a line of pre-walkers sometime soon, too, so Jasper will probably be learning of the family shoe fetish shortly.


  1. Thanks for entering my contest!

  2. Oh, those shoes are so, so adorable! Don't worry, it will be cold enough for tights soon enough!! (At which point we will all be wishing for flip flops weather!)


    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls


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