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Monday, August 06, 2007

Less Milky than BabySpit!

I've been seeing banner ads for MomSpit online for a while now but initially I thought it was some kind of mommy blogger in-joke that I wasn't in on. (That happens to me pretty often, if you couldn't guess…) Like a parody ad on Saturday Night Live or something. When I finally clicked on the darned thing, I was whisked away to a new product that I had actually been hoping for.

You see, I have a three year old daughter who loves to dig in dirt and play with bugs as much as she loves to dress up in frilly outfits and pretend to be a sushi chef. Roo happily alternates between being a total neat freak and a dirty street urchin. Try as I might, she does not always manage to wash her hands before they go near her mouth. I've carried little bottles of hand sanitizer and wipes around since she was a baby but they kind of gross me out. The alcohol wipes clean well enough but I feel like they're also burning my poor kid's skin off. Add the rumors about alcohol poisoning dangers from kids ingesting the stuff, which verifies, and I certainly don't want to use it anywhere near her face. I want something that cleans without needing a zillion tissues to wipe with, doesn't poison my child, is easily portable, and pleasant to use.

MomSpit totally fits the bill. It comes in three versions: Fig & Green Tea, Lemon & White Tea, and Unscented. I've been using the Fig & Green Tea which has a light and vaguely fruity scent. I kind of wish I had some shampoo that smells like it, since I suspect using MomSpit in my hair would be weird in a couple of different ways. The 2 oz. bottle is a nice size for diaper bags and purses and the way the MomSpit foams up when pumped cracks my daughter up. I haven't had any trouble getting her to wash her hands and sticky face with MomSpit, especially now that she knows to swab down before touching her new baby brother. In fact, she enjoys forcing everyone who comes into contact with him to use it. I will probably need to upgrade to the 7 oz. bottle with all the visitors for Jasper. I think we will try the Lemon & White Tea next, Unscented seems dull in comparison.

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