superdumb supervillain: Roo's inner sanctum

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Roo's inner sanctum

Visitors to our home are accosted by a tiny three year old tyrant who forces them to play in her room until she allows them to leave. Here are some pics of her domain. Her favorite dolly these days is her brother Jasper.

Shout-outs from Roo's crib go to Mod*Mom who hosted the fab giveaway in which we won the rather mod rug by NotNeutral and to the unbelievably sweet Katja from Skimbaco who sent us the adorable duvet cover from Kukunest just because she read our post about it. Thanks, ladies!


  1. Looks fabulous! The bed is amazing! She is one lucky big sister! They are both so adorable :)

  2. your beautiful babies look so comfy + happy :)

  3. What a fantastic room! I didn't catch the baby in the first photo...that is too cute! lol!


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