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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Shoes make the toddler

Roo got some excellent new school shoes from See Kai Run in the mail today. It was startling to see how well they matched what she wore to school today, straight out of the box:

Of course, I made her put that skirt on before school, in lieu of the teeny-tiny doll skirt she initially intended to wear. Mommy gets to be Roo's fashion editor, if not stylist. It's usually a pretty safe bet she will be wearing something pink, so the Karen Ann style is a good choice. It's sporty and has two different pinks to accessorize!

Besides being super cute, these shoes seem really well-made, in fact they're probably nicer than many adult brands. See Kai Run's Fall collection has plenty of gorgeous models to choose from, but I have two particular favorites.

For Roo, I love Stella, a pea green (MY favorite color) mary jane with a requisite pink scallop and bonus fancy schmancy faux fur trim:

And for Jasper, uh, when he actually starts wearing shoes, I adore the Riley, which is a very mod ankle boot in brown suede with eggplant toe stripe and star cut-out details:

As usual, I wish they came in my size. For See Kai Run store locations and online retailer list, click here.

Mum's The Wurd is giving one lucky reader their choice of See Kai Run shoes! Enter by Friday night at 10 p.m. CST. Details at Mum's The Wurd.


  1. SKR are my favorites ...

    HUGE shipment of them arrived today! 100's ... can't wait to open them up and find Georgia's.

  2. SHe is SOOOOO cute posing in her shoes!!!!!


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