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Friday, October 12, 2007

What Roo is Learning in School

The Parent Bloggers Network is having another Blog Blast today. This one explores the question "What are your kids learning in school?" and is sponsored by the Parents website. More than just a site to buy books, Parents is an online resource center featuring information and advice for caregivers of kids from preschool to junior high age.

Roo has just started to bring home Scholastic book flyers from preschool. (It brings back fond memories for me of Dynamite and Bananas magazines and "hang in there" posters with kitties in precarious situations.) She comes home with new songs to sing, stories about her friends and teachers and the books they read, she's counting and saying her alphabet well. She is really growing up!

Unfortunately, she is also testing her boundaries and garnering her own understanding of right and wrong, which sometimes causes mishaps. She's learned to throw a laying-down, kicking tantrum. She's developed a whine that I can't stomach. A couple of weeks ago, she had her first time-out in school. That might not seem too bad, but it was the first incursion from an ordinarily pretty sweet and mellow kid. She pushed another little girl off a bench. Well, kicked her off the bench. Not cool! I was glad Bob got to talk to the teacher because I was totally horrified. I was certain Roo was turning into the classroom bully and lectured her ceaselessly about not being "that kid"… you know, there's always one in every class…

Well, she hasn't gotten in trouble again and the teachers inform me that I must have gotten through to her because she's been so much sweeter and nicer. But now I get the run-down on who's NOT behaving at school every day: Charley Ann pushed me in the gym, Javin hit me in the eye with a ball, Jonathan pulled my hair. Yes, folks, I staved off the bully but created a tattletale. Whoops!

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  1. She sounds adorable!! And smart. She's smart enough to stay out of trouble when she needs to!


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