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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Warm and snuggly

There's a chill in the air today, so I am especially anxious to hear whether or not anyone has tried Warmsies. I read about these cool thermal regulating separates for babies and toddlers at Mom 4 Life and they sound really fantastic.

Growing up in Hawaii, the temperature rarely dipped under 70ºF, so winter dressing is definitely not my forte. Wrestling Roo into a snowsuit last year was not my proudest mommy moment! Given that she thinks everything is too tight and uncomfortable this year, I can't imagine trying to force bulky coats or sweaters on her in a couple of months. And, unlike mommy, she LOVES snow and cold weather. I imagine Jasper will follow suit. They'll probably both be Olympic skiiers or something. (They are still growing up in Kansas. I guess they could do cross-country skiing?)

Did I mention how adorable the Warmsies are? Here are my fashion picks for Jasper and Roo's toasty undercarriages:

There's also some snazzy red ones with zebra and leopard trims that would look awesome sans top layers for Christmas morning pics…

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