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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Funny Baby Clothes

Have you met the Trendy Tadpole? This online emporium stocks some of the cutest baby and kid tees I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot of t-shirts, let me tell you. This one is my personal fave, I can just picture it on my stoic Jasper:

And what baby doesn't have a Buddha Belly? Doesn't yours need a tee that proclaims it proudly?

I love the subtle sophistication of this cherry blossom onesie, I'd love it on a tee in my size:

These Meomi designs are adorable and slightly naughty. Jasper is totally a drool monster right now. And an oopsy! Thankfully, Roo is neither, but I think she would look pretty cute in both of these designs and get a kick out of explaining them to anyone who will listen…they just need a booger shirt to complete the triumvirate.

I doubt you can tell by this picture, but this tee is the softest cotton ever. Apparently that means you don't need to wear pants with it. Roo's only complaint? "It's not pink." Three year olds!

Jasper is loving his chirpy bird tee. Can you tell he's 1/4 Japanese? No one else can, either! But the hiragana on his shirt is a shout-out to his ancestors. And mommy thinks it's pretty cool, which is really all that matters to him right now.

Order online at Trendy Tadpole by December 16 for Christmas delivery. Shipping is free when you enter code, umm, "free" at checkout. I told you they were funny!

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  1. Those are too funny :) Thanks for the laugh! This is where I get my daughter's from (they're hilarious):


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