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Monday, January 28, 2008

Flip, Flop & Friends

Have you seen these things yet? Better than the guys' flip flops with a built-in bottle opener, or at least more pertinent to my lifestyle, Flip n' Flop Adventures are bright kids' rubber zori with secret compartments for tiny treasures. They come with itsy-bitsy storybooks housed in plastic safeboxes in each sole. The storybooks "flip" to tell the stories of two different kids who try to see each other's points of view. The idea is to promote empathy and understanding, but they are not at all preachy or dull. I love the slightly retro illustrative style and bright sunny colors that mimic the beachy feel of the slippers themselves.

Roo likes to covertly slip small toys inside the safeboxes and I imagine older kids would like to keep notes in them. If Flip n' Flop Adventures came in my size, I would totally keep money in them, like a contemporary tropical version of penny loafers. They would be perfect for holidays at the beach, when you don't have anywhere to put your credit card or room key. Or you could always stash cash in your kids' Flip n' Flops!

They're ready for resortwear, aren't you?

Flip n' Flop Adventures are currently available in four colors (pink, blue, olive, and purple) and three sizes (10/11, 12/13, 1/2). Each pair comes with a set of storybooks tucked into the secret compartment and additional book pairs are available separately. Toe-baring warm weather is not included, unfortunately!

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  1. Neat-O! Too bad they don't come in the Bear's size. She would totally dig these and their much cooler looking than Crocs. I bet if someone starting making these for adults that they could do pretty well for themselves...hmmm....


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