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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Smug=stupid. Especially on Ebay.

Okay, don't hate me. I was holding off on telling you all about the awesome Georgie World overstock sale on Ebay because I wanted to make sure I got the sweet deal on the 12 month stuff. As you might know, I love Georgie World and their rockin' clothes for the little guys, so I was psyched when Bethany, GW's owner/designer, told me she was going to list some overstocked inventory on Ebay. I left the house this morning, secure in the knowledge that there were no other bidders yet and it was at 99¢. I figured I could up my bid if I needed to when I got home. Well, as usual, I didn't make it home before the auction ended and someone outbid me. Argh.

Well, those of you with special boys who wear size 5 or 6 can still get a great deal here. This is my favorite tee (starting bid at $5!):

And what about this amazing ensemble, starting at only $27 for all three pieces-shirt/jack, pants and bitchin' Torino tee:

Moral: bid high and never leave the house. At least, until the auction is over.

And buy Georgie World on Ebay when you have the chance.

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