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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Yo, play.

Okay, I know that title is corny but I couldn't help it. We've been trying the new Yoplait Kids yogurt cups in the never-ending quest to make Roo eat something that isn't just plain pasta, peanut butter, or cheese. When she was a baby, she would eat anything and yogurt was one of her favorite first foods. Of course, now that she's approaching 4, she doesn't like anything.

She does like the Yoplait Kids, especially the drinkable yogurt in mixed berry. Having her cartoon heart-throb, Diego, on the packaging probably helps a little, too. What I like about them is that they aren't candy-flavored versions of yogurt. They do contain sugar, but not any more than the average grown-up brands, so the goodness of the yogurt isn't outweighed by unnatural additives or sweeteners. In fact, even the coloring agents on the ingredients list are pretty innocuous- beet juice and annatto seeds. So I feel like I've done my mom-ly duty if I give her a cup of Yoplait Kids and a banana.

If you'd like to try it with your kids, click on "free coupon" to receive a coupon for a FREE package of Yoplait Kids.


  1. Oh I know exactly how you feel about trying to get Ms. Roo to eat these days. My 6 yr old ate great as a baby and is now little Ms Picky Butt. Drives me nuts but she is healthy so I get my nutritional points in where I can. Good luck!!


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