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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Miss independent, recap

Roo had a blast in West Virginia. She got to hang out with daddy's aunts, plus grandma Jenny and grandpa Bob and great grandma Colleen. Check out the big girl riding a scooter with the help of aunt Candy!

She also got to spend some quality time with her cousins, who are okay even though they're boys and all:

I know I sound just like my mom when I say this, but from looking at all the pictures, I don't think her daddy brushed her hair once. Poor little ragamuffin Roo. BTW, this is what she wore on Easter. Not. One. Thing. Matches.


  1. Maybe nothing matches - but she was super cute anyways...and everyone just LOVED her! Especially Elli! Wished you were there!

  2. Roo was soooo much fun! Always ready to play and she has SUCH a big imagination! I was sad to see her and Bobby go. Hopefully all 4 of you will come visit again soon. I love the picture on here of Roo and the boys. The boys look like such thugs...pretty funny.


  3. Little Dylan would look so great in that skate monster tee.


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