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Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Flor

I love our Flor. But check out what's coming later this spring: Alexander Girard designs for Flor carpet tiles!

I can't decide if I am more in love with the tiny print or the huge print. I want this for my slummy office, it would certainly brighten things up!

To sign up for updates on this exciting Flor Girard partnership, click here. And keep reading this blog, we might have something special in the works…

By the way, Mod*Mom announced a giveaway of these very same tiles today. Go visit and enter her MANY cool contests!


  1. So happy! I love these designs.

    I need another 40 hours a week to enter all these amazing contests.

  2. I love them. Have you seen them in person?

  3. I like those designs - so modern and cheerful! I'll definitely stay tuned!


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