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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Breakfast Safari!

We received a new cereal from Kellogg's called Wild Animal Crunch recently and I was relieved to discover that it does not contain any wild animals. Nope, not a one. It's actually a whole grain vanilla-chocolate flavored breakfast cereal. The pieces look vaguely animal-shaped, like tiny zoological puffs.

Wild Animal Crunch comes in four different collector boxes featuring photographs of real animals in the wild along with trivia and fun facts from Animal Planet. Kids can get the healthy morning nutrition they need (this is one of the lower-sugar, higher-fiber options Kellogg's has made a commitment to) while learning something about the animals they love.

Roo liked Wild Animal Crunch, but I have to admit that mommy and daddy liked it even more. Especially with ice cream. Mmm. Hey, it's for the animals…

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