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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Friendly Appaman

I've been meaning to write about this for ages, but I wanted to share a GOOD customer service episode since they seem so few and far between these days. I received a super cute Appaman jacket for Jasper as a gift. I washed it according to the tag instructions as I do all of the kids' clothes before they wear them. Somehow, even in cold water, the fabric all along the seams frayed and separated beyond repair.

I was absolutely heartbroken because the little red racing jacket made it look like Jasper was ready for Garage Shock and his first Mummies 45… Anyway, having owned several items of Appaman clothing and knowing their quality is usually excellent, I decided to email them about it. I didn't mention this blog, just voiced my concern over a damaged product. It turned out that the jacket, although new with tags, was from several seasons ago. Nonetheless, Appaman's founder took the time out to personally email me and then had someone locate another jacket for me. They couldn't find the exact color, unfortunately, but they managed to get a better size (six months vs. 12 months, it fit him all winter…) for Jasper's age.

And the olive green looks great on the little guy, magic wand and all. Thank you, Appaman, for restoring my consumer confidence level!


  1. Super cute jackets. It nice to hear about a good customer service oriented company. I'm more likely to shop there if I know I can get quality items and service to back them (that sounds ridiculously kitchy, but it's true). Thanks for sharing your exp with appaman!

  2. I love that jacket! It's so cute! (Plus, is it just me, or do you ever feel like sometimes you can't find what you want for little boys?) I think it's awesome that the founder emailed you back himself -- I really love when people do that -- it shows me that companies haven't gotten so huge and so popular that they've forgotten what matters most -- the customers!

  3. I feel so rotten it's taken so long to give Appaman a shout-out... they really did take time out to make sure I was happy, when they didn't have to at all.

    It's so nice to be treated fairly and I hope my readers take note of Appaman's cute clothes AND the company's exemplary service.


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