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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Winners, where are you?

Some winners are not claiming their prizes. If I don't hear back from the following before Sunday, April 13, their prizes will be re-awarded:

maryjanyne (non-blogger) won the Wupzey high chair food catcher:
her comment: I love the Jade Green... and my toddler loves to throw his easter ham... he gets his mashed potatoes everywhere too.. and dont get me started on the corn and peas...

C.L. Morin (non-blogger) won the Cupcake Courier:
winning comment:
What a cool idea!
I like the pink carrier; my favourite kind of cupcake is plain chocolate... though it doesn't hurt to have chocolate chips inside!

If you know these folks, please tell them to contact me via the email on my sidebar. I hate unclaimed prizes! Plus, it makes me want to only have contests open to people who blog or leave their email addresses. What do you all think of that?!


  1. I had a prize go unclaimed recently and had to pick a new winner!!


  2. hay if thay dont clam them can i have them i can al ways use some thing but for real if that happens most of the time all you got to do is pick a new winner and well if that happens i be happy to try to win again i love entering contest and its even funner when you win some thing

  3. I agree- when a prize isn't claimed, pick a new winner. Maybe say in the contest rules, "if a prize is not claimed within 72 hours, an alternate winner will be chosen"?? That way, it also covers you in the cases where you email winners, and they dont get back to you (hope that wouldn't happen! but you never know...).


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