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Friday, July 25, 2008

Kea + Joby, RIP

Unbelievably awesome kids' clothier Kea + Joby is going out of business. I was lucky enough to win a shopping spree there from The Family Groove a while back and I spent hours agonizing over my choices, getting a bunch of gorgeous things for both Jasper and Roo.

The clothes are so cute, with great color combinations and comfortable styling. Best of all, Kea + Joby's signature fabric is a rayon/lycra blend that is unbelievably soft and silky but washes like a dream. Every time the kids wear their Kea + Joby outfits (I am particularly fond of the pink/green skirt set), I am reminded that I wish all of my clothes could be so effortlessly chic and comfy.

Right now, EVERYTHING at Kea + Joby is 50% off. I'm sad to see them go but it's also a great opportunity to stock up on really lovely clothes. If you buy anything, please mention Naomi (superdumbsupervillain @ cox. net) sent you and I could earn some store credit to squirrel away some more super soft fashions for Roo and Jasper…


  1. I saw this email yesterday! Oh my goodness- their clothes are SO SOFT! And I love the styles. A shame!


  2. i'm going over to check it out, naomi. thanks for the heads up! have you entered my blog giveaway yet? come on by!


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