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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bot-tom Line

Roo is a total juice-a-holic. It's pretty sad. I can practically see the enamel discoloring on her teeth and jittery sugar spasms coming on as she sucks from yet another juice box. Sure, they're 100% juice, but c'mon– those things are full of sugar and very few nutrients. She drinks water, yes, but sometimes she wants a treat. I've written about our quest for healthy juice box alternatives but we just tried a new one that I like a lot.

bot is filtered, deionized water that's been fortified with B vitamins and packaged in bottles emblazoned with cute characters. It comes in four flavors: lemon, grape, orange and berry. bot is sweetened (lightly) with pure cane sugar (as opposed to much-maligned corn syrup) but it still contains 75% less sugar than fruit juice.

Flavor-wise, bot is a bit subtle for the preschool palate ("umm, mom, I think this is just plain water") but it really is delicious and refreshing. For all her initial protestations, Roo was won over pretty quickly. And I like bot as an alternative to sticky-sweet sports drinks when exercising. Even my energy drink guzzling husband thinks bot is good. Would these little guys lie?

bot is available in the natural section of many stores or you can always order bot online.


  1. I may have to look for this. Luckily, The Bean is already accustomed to diluted fruit juice. We always give her about 1/3 juice and 2/3 water. Costs less and is better for her.

    Thanks for stopping by for my giveaway! Come visit anytime!

  2. Those are adorable... I am going to stock my fridge up!

  3. The purple bear is my friend!


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