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Monday, August 04, 2008

Poised AND Presentable

Mom Central has asked me to spread the word about the Poise Passion Award, which honors women who are courageous enough to share their experiences with incontinence with the world. Poise has partnered with the Women’s Health Foundation () to cast light on this delicate matter.

In June, Women’s Health Foundation (a Chicago-based non-profit) celebrated its fourth anniversary with a benefit to increase awareness of pelvic health and wellness. At the event, Linda Michael of Portage, IN was presented with the first ever Poise Passion Award, made possible through the WHF's partnership with Poise. Linda's struggle with pelvic pain and bladder control issues is one shared by many women, especially after childbirth, but it is not something that is spoken of freely.

From left to right: Missy Lavender of the Women’s Health Foundation, Linda Michael (recipient of the Poise brand Passion Award), and Amy Attenberger, Poise brand manager

Poise is committed to promoting education surrounding women’s health. Other efforts in this arena include support of organizations like Speaking of Women’s Health and the Spirit of Women, and distribution of monthly online newsletters designed to encourage and celebrate women in their quest to triumph over personal health issues. Congratulations, Linda! Here's to getting everything out in the open so we can work together to find a cure.

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