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Friday, August 22, 2008

Virtual Swag!

MomSelect had a swag suite at BlogHer '08 but I was unable to attend, being stuck at home, baking treats for Jasper's first birthday… But MomSelect was thoughtful enough to send a Virtual Swag Bag my way. It doesn't exactly make up for meeting a zillion cool bloggers in San Francisco, sure, but who doesn't love to get presents in the mail?

Here's what was in my MomSelect Virtual Swag Bag:

Capture Total Carpet Cleaning Care Kit, fabulous for pets and potty training…

Sun Smarties tracksuit from OneStepAhead, UPF 50+ sun protection from head to toe!

Raisinets and NesQuik!!! Two great loves from my childhood, rekindled. Roo loves them now, too. But they're mine.

Glow Mama kiwi juice drink for ladies' refreshment and replenishment.

I also received some coupons for Boogie Wipes (wish we'd gotten a sample of those since Jasper is perpetually runny-nosed), Kung-Fu Panda Activity CDs from HP, Walt Disney World Moms Panel mousepads, a Precious Girls Club book and Disney Vacation Club DVDs.

Thanks again, MomSelect!
Hopefully next year I will see you at BlogHer '09!



  1. wow, lucky you! Wanna know what they sent me? 2 Disney Vacation Club DVD's and 2 Precious Girls club books.

    That's it.

    Oh the curses of shipping to Canada.

  2. Man. That is the main reason I want to go to BlogHer. THE PR TABLES!


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