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Sunday, September 07, 2008

It Could Happen To Anyone

One of my aunt Erin's best childhood friends, Sandra, was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Inconveniently, she had finally quit her day job earlier this year to follow her dream of acting full time and was no longer insured. Her surgery bills and continuing chemotherapy treatment and medication costs are mounting and everything must be paid for in cash.

Sandra has a blog, Girl Eats World, that is well-written and a lot of fun despite all of the chemo and cancer posts lately. (Her pre-diagnosis posts were a voyeuristic peek into the life of a witty struggling actress in Brooklyn, you should read through her archives…) Please drop by Girl Eats World and wish her well.

If you would like to contribute to her recovery fund, an account has been opened in her mother’s name. Please make checks payable to Sally Holguin and mail to: Sandra c/o Deanna Lowrey 19135 Echo Pass Rd., Portola Hills, CA 92679.


  1. Yes, it could happen to anyone and how sad that it happened to your aunts friend.
    Thanks for the link Naomi, it truly does sound like interesting reads. I'll try to get over there today to visit her blog.

  2. Cancer sucks. :( I'll visit today...


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