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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Surprise! It's a girl!

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(After you read about the lovely doll below, of course!)

Oh my goodness! Look who came to join our family, all the way from Cobble Hill, British Columbia:

I've been in love with Bamboletta dolls since I first saw them on Natural Pod. Their gorgeous yarn hair and sweet expressions hooked me immediately, not to mention their adorable handmade ensembles. I found Christina's blog and realized we both had Jaspers born in the same month of the same year! Amazing. She asked me for my address as she had a surprise to send but I had no idea it would be something like this beautiful girl! Right now she is "rainbow flower heart" but that will probably change a few more times before Roo settles on a permanent name.

I've never seen a Waldorf-style doll in person before and I am really impressed with her. Aside from sheer cuteness (which she obviously has in spades!), her huggability is what really differentiates her from other dolls. She has a heft to her that makes squeezing her tight unusually satisfying. Bob joked that I would have to keep her for myself because I couldn't stop cuddling her! Christina makes the Bamboletta dolls with exquisite materials (organic cotton interlock from the Netherlands, wool sourced from a local shephardess, handspun, hand-dyed yarns) and it definitely shows. Her squirrel-print dress is appropriate because Roo's daddy wanted to name her Veronica Squirrel. And look at her little crocheted slippers:

I must admit that I totally adore her little polka dotted panties. Hopefully it isn't super pervy to show them!

Our Bamboletta is already making friends. Here she is with the Mark Spitz doll by Amy Arnold that my aunt Ellyn got for me:

Of course, our Bamboletta has one true best friend. I think they look great together, don't you?

For some reason, Roo likes to carry her upside-down. I'm not sure why (probably deep-seated psychological reasons!), but it totally freaks me out when she carries her like that! Like she's going to hurt the poor dolly…

Obviously, mommy needs to back off and let girls be girls.

We will give our Bamboletta a good home, I promise. I've even seen Jasper give her a big wet kiss, although he's too fast for my camera. He likes to hang out with her when Roo is at preschool. Isn't that sweet? Thank you so much, Christina! What a wonderful surprise.


  1. It's a mini Roo!

    That doll is so sweet, and I love its little booties and polka dot undies.

    Sigh. Just me dreaming about having a little girl.

  2. What a cute little friend! I visited the site and she makes so many different ones, doesn't she?
    Veronica Squirrel, hnh? That is just so cool that it's a squirrel dress!
    And Jasper has the Wubbzy... that worked out well.
    But what does poor little Naomi have?

  3. What a gorgeous doll! And the best surprise EVER!
    And I don't think you are pervy. I totally dig doll undies. I am actually kind of disturbed when dolls come SANS undies.

  4. That doll is beautiful! And what a great fabric for her dress (and panties!).

  5. oh isn't she just lovely :o) how adorible :o) I too love the panties :o)

    so cute!!!


  6. Totally sweet. And totally worthless in my wild house full of boys. *sigh*


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