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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Attachment Parenting

Founded by mompreneur Juls Nguyen, LAF Brand creates products that live up to the motto "Convenience in Disguise." The common thread throughout their product line is innovation and resourcefulness. Even the most basic items have been thoughtfully redesigned to be more functional. For example, the LAF bibs and burpcloths feature bold piping that initially seems decorative but it hides built-in pockets that catch messes.

Another fabulous LAF invention is the Roll-n-Go™ Rollable Diaper Caddy. This handy contraption is kind of a mix between a jewelry roll and toiletry kit. What makes it so brilliant is that once it's filled, you simply transfer it to the bag of your choice… it makes any bag a diaper bag, in an instant! You can plop the Roll-n-Go in any kind of bag from a suitcase to a plastic sack and feel perfectly prepared. Of course, you can always take it by itself, roll it up and toss it into the trunk or under the stroller.

LAF was kind enough to send me a Roll-n-Go™: Extra Large Midnight Roll and it is as useful as it is beautiful. I love the iridescent dragonflies on the black brocade. This thing is large and in charge, so to speak: the Midnight Roll features 4 large pockets to hold diapers, wipes, changing pad or other large items; 2 slim pockets for toys, bottles, or other slim items; 2 mini pockets for keys, cell phone, or pacifiers; and 1 large insulated cooler for an ice pack and bottles or sippy cup.

I imagine the Roll-n-Go™: Extra Large Midnight Roll could also be used by working women. The insulated pouch could be used for a can of sodapop or bottled water or even your cosmetics during the summertime if you live in the south. If you tend to lose things within the vast confines of your handbag, a Roll-n-Go could help you get organized!

The most recognizable LAF invention is their Attachables™ Clothing collection. The concept is simple but brilliant: long sleeves are attached with velcro to add versatility. Now that our weather is finally turning to fall, it is much chillier in the mornings than the afternoons. Attachables make it easy to ensure your child is dressed properly, without requiring bulky layers. You get the trendy look of layers without the whining! Jasper got to try the Attachables green polo and I think it is super cute. Roo really got a kick out of adjusting his sleeves for him.

LAF is introducing maternity wear very soon, which should be fantastic. It would have been very convenient to have Attachables when I was pregnant and kept getting hot and cold.


  1. I am interested in seeing the maternity wear! I do love my Roll & Go!


  2. The roll and go looks awesome. I don't know if I would endorse it for "working girls", ifyouknowwhatimean *nudge nudge*.


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