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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Picture Yourself…

One of the coolest things about the technology boom is being able to put your own digital pictures onto just about any kind of product you might imagine. When In the old days, mousepads and calendars were pretty much your only personalized photo option and they basically looked like... your photos, in a slightly different format. Ho-hum.

Laura, one of my compatriots at Mums the Wurd, turned me onto Snaptotes, an online boutique that puts your photos onto gorgeous handbags and accessories. I've never been a fan of those mommy totes with vinyl picture pockets (CHEESY!) but these things are luxe! I especially love the Gigi Custom Leather Photo Handbag which not only provides a canvas for your treasured portrait, but is a cute bag on its own:

How cool is it to be able to pick your fabric options? I am partial to the daisies and the pink houndstooth, but if you're super conservative, you could always choose plain black, I suppose…

The Snaptotes Photo Shaving/Dopp Kit would be a fabulous gift for the man of the house. I know my dad and stepfather are probably getting bored with photo mugs of the kids, so this would be a nice change of pace. Especially if your man travels a lot and misses the young'uns…

Susan from Snaptotes asked me to check out their sister site, PicStreet, which specializes in photo jewelry and accessories. They even offer shoes with your photos on the vamp! I've never seen anything like them, although my parents' obsessive love of Dr. Scholl's from my youth prevents me from trying them out. (The clomp-clomp of wooden soles strikes fear in my heart, even now.)

I really do like the photo belt, which you can customize with up to six of your own pictures in a repeating pattern. I think it's kind of punk rock in a way. I can see teens putting pictures of their best friends on it or moms with their kids.

It's also reversible to a muted stripe pattern if you decide you don't like those folks anymore…

I decided to try one of the best sellers at PicStreet, their customizable microsuede pillows. I am not, by nature, a throw pillow lover, but I figured my mom could always keep it if I didn't like it. No chance of that! Our pillow is unbelievably soft and cuddly and it has slightly bigger than life-size Roo and Jasper heads on it. I love it. Roo loves it and sneaks it into her bunk bed every night. Jasper talks to it. Even Bob admits, begrudgingly, that he likes it.

Now I'm going to have to get one for my mom for Christmas…

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  1. I honestly thought that was Jasper for a minute.

  2. These are so is like a step above the usual "grandma" tote bags.

  3. That looks like very nice quality; I've seen others that look nowhere near as nice as that.
    That's sweet that they both love it so much; the two of them in a "friendly" moment.


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