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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Shine On

I'm a shiny girl. And not in a good way. My skin is usually oily but since my last pregnancy, I also have the pleasure of occasional dry patches. It's a constant battle to keep my skin "normal" but I think I have found something that helps. Cosmedicine is a line of cosmetic skincare products that are formulated based on medical science. Their ultimate goal is to create a beautiful, healthy glow. So far, it seems to work like a charm, keeping oil at bay and fostering a smooth, dewy finish.

My favorites in the line:

Healthy Cleanse™ Foaming Cleanser & Toner In One, which has to be shaken to emulsify and pumps out a creamy soft foam.

Medi-Matte™ Tint Skin Tint & Oil Control Lotion in One SPF 20, a genius invention that somehow soaks up oil without desiccating your skin. It makes your skin look totally flawless all day, even in super sweaty conditions.

Opti-mologist™ Eye Cream with Light Diffusers, which miraculously masks the dark circles and puffiness of motherhood.

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  1. I use both Opti-mologist and whatever the exfoliator they have is called...their stuff is great!


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