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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Baby on your Xmas list?

Check out the incredible blanket personalization options over at Fill in the Blankie! You can get 50 characters per side, for a total of 200 letters to compose the perfect ode to a special little bundle of joy. That's more verbiage than a Twitter post! Think of all the options… poems, quotes, birth statistics, psalms, lyrics… anything you can imagine. When you factor in all of the blanket options (from luxurious quilted cotton to cozy knits and my personal favorite, the 400 ct Sheety in bold and beautiful prints), the choices are truly endless.

Jasper's Fill in the Blankie is the 400 ct. Sheety in Khaki Gents and features his name, birthdate, and some sweet thoughts from Roo and mommy and daddy. I think it's absolutely gorgeous. And super cool!

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