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Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Know This Much is Tru

TruKid is a line of all-natural skin care products for kids. Their Silly Shampoo, Cool Conditioner, and Happy Face and Body Lotion are all great items. They are very gentle, even on sensitive skin, and have a light, clean fragrance reminiscent of an essential oil version of baby aspirin, sort of light and orangey/powdery.

The really interesting products are items exclusive to TruKid: the Friendly Face Wash is just what it says– a facial cleanser meant to encourage kids to wash their faces every night. What a great idea, to get kids started on a beauty regimen at an early age! I don't think I really contemplated washing my face until well into high school…

My hands-down favorite TruKid item is their Hero Stick. You may recall my fanatical devotion to the Boo Boo Stick. Well, the Hero Stick is just as effective at stopping bruises from forming and healing scrapes, but it has a much nicer texture and a faint chamomile fragrance that I love. Plus, you can get a convenient Mini Hero Stick that is essentially the size of a lip balm, making it convenient to carry anywhere you go. Jasper is constantly running into things so it's nice to always have one on hand. It would make a nice stocking stuffer for accident prone loved ones, too!

***Superdumb Supervillain Bonus***
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  1. Fantastic review and now I know several people who shall be getting some of these for Christmas. Thanks. :)

  2. Thanks superdumb!'re not so superdumb after all, are you?

    This is incredible and I'm going to believe you when you say it really does work. I'm a little curious though how it stops bruises from forming?
    I think I'll run on over to the site and check it out; thanks so much for the review, link and code!

  3. Just stopping by to say thanks for your part in the tea party. It was so much fun seeing what all of you gals came up with. You did an amazing job. I still have to catch up with entering everything!

    I see your posts at mannequin's all the time but I didn't connect you to your site. Now I know!

  4. This looks like great stuff. I want to try it out.

  5. You are smarter than you think!


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