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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Vote on Tuesday

I grew up in Hawaii and feel very strongly that the world would be a better place if ethnic groups across the globe co-existed the way they do there… pretty much everyone in Hawaii is hapa haole or some amalgamation of Asian, Caucasian, Portuguese, whatever. Obama graduated from my high school in Honolulu and I live in Kansas now, where his maternal family was from. I truly believe the world is ready for his message of change.

Whichever candidate you support, please take the time to vote on Tuesday.


  1. Wow, what a small world. I'll be voting, and for "your" candidate too. I'll be happy when the campaigning is over, since I'm so tired of all of the flyers that come in the mail and the commercials. Guess i shouldn't be complaining on this post, after such an earnest request for people to vote.

  2. Naomi!! Yay, he won can you beleive it!


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