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Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Spirit, To a Tee

Tote and Tee has been responsible for some of Roo and Jasper's favorite shirts in the past but their holiday-themed Naughty and Nice designs are off-the-charts cute! And, lucky you, they are on massive sale right now- just $15 instead of $24. I like them so much that we used them for our cards this year! (Note: Amy from Tote and Tee decided which kid was naughty and which one was nice. It tends to vary from day to day, minute to minute…)

Tote and Tee are known for their adorable customized applique tees and it's a little late to order personalized gear for Christmas at this point, but I wanted to let you know that they have a bunch of in-stock goodies that will get there in time! The aforementioned Naughty and Nice tees, of course, (order them now for next year's cards!) but don't forget the "tote" in Tote and Tee: the ABC 123 Tote-Around Bag is perfect for books, Barbies, etc. and is on sale right now for $10.72.

Tote and Tee also has a range of vinyl backpacks, wallets and coinpurses that would be great gift ideas, all on sale now. And don't forget their super-duper socks and tights! Crazy colors and stripes to suit the funkiest kids. They'll look especially great with that special New Year's personalized tee you've been meaning to order…

***Superdumb Supervillain Bonus***

Enter code santa for 20% off your order at Tote and Tee.


  1. How gorgeous!!I love hearing about new stores like this and what a great deal!! Thanks for visiting my blog &for entering the comp. Good luck!! Look forward to seeing you in blogland :)

  2. I love love the bag, and those tees are so cute. If only they had adult tees to match, then I'd have 2 nice t-shirts and 1 naughty {for the husband of course}.

  3. These are adorable! I saw this picture on Babble. My Little Man's picture is in the front-page rotation, too. He's the one in the matching sweater with the black dog. Fun!

  4. Oh... they are both little angels, aren't they ma?

  5. Jasper you're getting HUGE! Holy Moly time flies :)

    Cute shirts

  6. I love those kidlets! So precious. :)


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