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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

One-Stop Shopping, For Real.

I hate Christmas shopping. It's true.

I'm not a giant fan of malls and big box retail, in general, but the concept of braving crowds to buy gifts gives me the holiday blues. I love the convenience of shopping online, especially with the advent of technology that lets you comparison shop without leaving the comfort of your own warm, cozy home.

SHOP.COM is a fantastic online destination that allows you to shop at over 2000 separate merchants all from one website. You can search for items from different stores and decide which is the best deal for you by comparing the merchant's price, shipping options, delivery schedule, etc. Save your favorites for later at My Shop, where you can also keep track of important occasions you need to shop for (boss's birthday, in-laws' anniversary…). Have a tough gift recipient but don't want to get them yet another gift card? Try SHOP.COM's eGifts! Your gift selection will be presented via email, like an e-card, but the recipient can choose which item they like best and how/when they want it delivered. This is especially handy if you tend to remember special occasions at the last minute, since the gift announcement arrives in mere moments after you place your order!

You could spend hours perusing SHOP.COM without feeling tired or cranky. Be sure to check out the SHOP.COM blog, The Shopping Vine, and their contest/sweepstakes page, too! Thanks to Mom Central for introducing me to this must-see site.


  1. I like how comprehensive their site is.

    And I know the previous commenter agrees! {wink}

  2. I shall be using them from now on as after my last experience I am never going to a mall again.


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