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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Apple of My Eye

Shabby Apple, the online emporium of beautiful dresses, is holding a Picture Princess Contest to find a star for their Summer 2009 Shabby Baby campaign. Obviously, I think Roo would be a perfect candidate! She's the perfect balance of fancy and no-frills, much like the Shabby Baby Canary dress below:

Here are three of Roo's signature looks:

The pinkest tomboy in the world.

Bringer of summer sunshine.

Vampire Princess.

If your little princess has yet to make her grand entrance, be sure to check out Shabby Apple's new Mama Apple maternity collection.


  1. I too think Roo would be an excellent candidate.

    I love her Vampire Princess.

  2. I love the pink tomboy, I wish I could pull off something like that! But alas, I think I own one pink thing that I rarely wear.

    She's definitely Shabby Apple material. She has the right attitude.

  3. She is just the PERFECT princess. Why, a princess needs to be all things to all people and little Miss Roo is certainly multi-faceted.

    And Shabby Apple is definitely a cool shop!

    If she's the princess....that makes you....the queen bee. I'm pretty sure you must feel like that.

  4. I love that first photo. Those pink pants are so stylin'.


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