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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is Your Child U*Neak?

Roo hates wearing socks. It's kind of a pain in the butt, actually. When we received the amazing U*neaks sneakers that feature clear side panels to show off your funky sock wardrobe, I thought she might actually give the cozy footwarmers a try. See, the proprietary U*neaks socks (available in ankle and crew lengths) have totally different patterns on each side, so you can switch feet and have a completely different look. But, no, my weirdo kid just wore them barefoot so you could see her fleshy foot through the sides… kind of evoking a sporty version of vinyl stripper shoes. (The flowing princess nightgown doesn't help matters much, either.)

Thankfully, she's come around. It's 15ยบ out right now, so that's a good thing to ward off frostbite. Plus her pink suede Paris Z-Strap U*neaks are super stinking cute with everything in her wardrobe.

They even look good with dollar store princess socks!

While U*neaks are definitely great for girls who like to switch up their style, I think they're even more exciting for boys since their fashion choices are usually much more limited. Crazy socks are a way for even the preppiest boy to cut loose a little! I'm actually looking forward to Jasper hitting a size 8 so he can wear the suave and skater-ish Camel Rev U*neaks.

If your child is a movie buff, perhaps they would enjoy the new line of Madagascar U*neaks Socks that feature all their favorite characters.

If you sign up for the U*neaks newsletter, you can get 40% off your first purchase! Wow. It's a great deal, especially considering shipping is free for orders over $20…


  1. Those are really cute! Nice discount for the newsletter, too.

    Vinyl stripper shoes. Heehee.

  2. Wow! She put socks on. Will wonders never cease? I think I told you that mine is just the same. He won't even go bowling or skating because of the dreaded socks. And look how she points her little delicate feet!

    I'm sure these don't come in his size otherwise, I'd check out. If Roo will wear them, they've gotta be special, comfy socks I'll bet.

  3. I love the u*neaks! Going to go check them out for Georgia.


  4. These are quite cool. Sometimes I wish I could show off my socks, since I tend to buy lots of weird ones with stripes and dots.

    I'll keep these in mind for SoJo.


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