superdumb supervillain: WW- Neverending Laundry and Puppy Love

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WW- Neverending Laundry and Puppy Love

Sorry for the crazy light posting but it's Roo's spring break and Jasper is sick and demanding to be held constantly so I'm pretty bogged down. Many, many good things await when I get the time and energy to write about them, though, just you wait and see…


  1. Oh! That's a lot of laundry! Is Jasper helping you? Or supervising? Tee hee!

  2. Certainly looks as though reality has a grip on you.

    I sure hope Jasper is fit as a fiddle soon!

  3. Holy cow, are you hiring yourself out as a wash woman?

    Jasper looks so tiny against that pile of clothes!

  4. Now why isn't Jasper climbing that mound of clothes like a true red-blooded little boy? That's what my bed looks like sometimes.

    Hope Roo's enjoying her break and that Jasper's giving you a break.

  5. Oh, how I relate to "never-ending laundry." Is it even possible to have an empty laundry basket?


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