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Friday, April 24, 2009

Staycation, All I Ever Wanted…

Summer is near and the specter of keeping two little kids busy and even traveling with them is looming on the not-so-distant horizon. I'll admit it. I am terrified of Roo being out of school for three months. She talks from the moment she wakes up until her eyes close at night and while I usually am very interested in what she has to say, it is pretty exhausting. Especially when I have to keep Jasper from pinching her and pulling her hair and keep her from instigating said actions. I'm already breaking a cold sweat!

There are options. Bribery. Engaging them with thoughtful play options. Sometimes those two things can coincide. Case in point: Little Jet Set. This mom-founded boutique carries a plethora of stuff you might need to make traveling– or staying at home– with little ones bearable and even fun. I love their selection of funky suitcases and clever gift ideas.

Roo received the Poet and Astronomer Paper Dolls by eeBoo which feature gorgeous illustrations and inspiring scenarios. This would be a great surprise to pull out on the road since it comes in a slim portfolio but folds out for more imaginative play.

Jasper received a set of Automoblox miniature wooden cars that he absolutely loves to take apart and reassemble. (Technically, these are recommended for ages 3+ because they feature tiny parts that could be choking hazards. I took note of that warning but feel that Jasper's up for the challenge, being the little brother of a Polly Pocket aficionado. There are tiny things littering every nook and cranny of our house.) If I could ditch all of the cheapo plastic cars he has and replace them with these, the world would be a MUCH better place.

Don't forget to check out Little Jet Set before planning your summer trips. Something like the Tray Bien In-Flight Organizer would come in awfully handy on that loooong airplane ride…

Right now, Little Jet Set is having a HUGE sale– all regular-priced merchandise is 40% off and all clearance items are 50% off! Hurry on over because things are selling out fast and the sale ends on April 27th!


  1. They sure look like they love their Little Jet Set goodies. The cars are just darlin', aren't they?

    Get that girl a microphone or a karaoke :)

  2. I love this shop, and have been wanting to get some cute luggage there. I'll have to check out the clearance section.

    I love the concept of poet and astronomer paper dolls. Can you get more feminist? Well, maybe the astronomer and the jackhammer lady.

    And I'm so glad that Jasper finally got some Automoblox. They are so cool!

  3. Duh. I just got "Tray Bien." So much for having been a French scholar. Neat stuff.


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