superdumb supervillain: Thanks, Amanda and Layla Grace!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thanks, Amanda and Layla Grace!

We won a contest on Amanda's blog recently and received the fabulous prize from Layla Grace… I think Roo likes it, what do you think?

Thank you!!!


  1. So cute! Now I don't want to see you borrowing that...

  2. aww she is too cute! Your welcome

  3. Sweet! She looks like a little tulip blooming in the garden!

  4. Little Miss Roo is certainly becoming a friend of the camera! what a cutie pie.
    Does it have a really large expandable waistband for someone like me?

  5. So fun! It looks like the perfect skirt for "spinning" in. I think I'd even love to wear it. :)


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