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Monday, May 25, 2009

Ask Your Mamapedia

It was my turn to host bunco last night but we were missing too many regulars and ended up just talking for a couple of hours instead of rolling the dice, which was actually really nice. Two of the girls are pregnant, one in the last few weeks of expecting her third child and the other just starting her second trimester with her first baby, so conversation wound up focusing on babies and birth stories. It's so interesting to hear other women's stories, especially after having two babies myself.

When I was first expecting, I didn't have many "mommy friends" so I didn't have anyone to ask for advice. It would have been incredibly helpful to have a resource like Mamapedia, an online compendium of practical parenting knowledge. Mamapedia is a uniquely searchable database of answers to all of your parenting-related questions. The data used to build Mamapedia was culled from millions of moms' advice and recommendations on a variety of subjects posted on Mamasource's community forums over the past two years. I've entered a ton of different queries on Mamapedia and been impressed with the number of pertinent answers that come up, even to seemingly dumb questions… (like "asshole husband," which I searched while being particularly annoyed late one evening. And then quickly realized how much my husband is not an asshole compared to some of the husbands I read about. Yikes.)

Thanks to Mom Central for asking me to check out Mamapedia. I was way more impressed than I expected to be and have bookmarked it for future use.


  1. It is a great resource, isn't it? I like the local connections info. Who knew there were so many fellow bloggers among us?

  2. Ok, that 'asshole husband' comment made me laugh way too hard.


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