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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


When I was approached about reviewing Montel’s Living Well HealthMaster System, I was skeptical. I'm not one to buy things that are "as seen on TV" and although I like Montel Williams more than I would like to admit, his Living Well HealthMaster System looked like a blender. But since my blender smells like burning rubber every time I use it, I decided to bite the bullet and give this newfangled contraption a shot.

Montel’s Living Well HealthMaster System is advertised as a "fruit and vegetable emulsifier" instead of a mere blender. It's supposed to replace your blender, your mixer and your juicer to help you prepare healthy, fresh food in no time flat. The HealthMaster is not a flimsy appliance. It is a behemoth! When I unpacked it, Jasper ran up to it yelling "robot!" which is high praise in his book. It does bear a startling resemblance to Darth Vader:

Anyway, the HealthMaster ships with several recipe booklets that show you how to make a variety of smoothies, soups, drinks, and desserts. I decided to make a smoothie, since we tend to have a lot of fruit in the house at all times. I was duly impressed at the speed and ferocity with which the HealthMaster rendered ice and berries and bananas silky smooth. In my experience, homemade smoothies usually have a little bit of chunky ice or pulp, but this smoothie was totally smooth and ice cold, almost like a sorbet. One you can drink through a skinny straw.

I haven't used the HealthMaster to make a soup yet but I think that's what I'll try next. This thing is heavy duty! My only complaint about Montel’s Living Well HealthMaster System: I wish it was a little smaller for easy storage. It takes up a lot of counter space, so I don't think most people would leave it out for easy access. Which is a shame since you can literally whip up just about anything with it…


  1. Whoa! The thing makes soup!!!

  2. Too cool! I need something like that!

  3. I never thought of making soup in a blender, but maybe that's because I have an immersion blender that you put in a soup pot. Is this one loud? I swear you can hear my blender down the block.

  4. Perhaps we could throw a bunch of Las Vegas escorts in it and see if we can make an escort shake.

  5. I bought one of these machines last year. And, I have found it to be more then worthy of doing all that the commercials have proposed. I have made smoothies, ice cream, and soup. Yes, it can produce an extremely hot soup if allowed to run its full eight minutes. The heat is generated by friction from the food turning within the machine. I was amazed at this happening, but then I never ran any other blender for that many minutes. The ice cream recipe I used was not as creamy as I would have liked, much more like ice milk instead. Yet the taste could not be beat. It is a good machine well worth the money and quite a savings over it's more popular competitor.


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