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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Multimedia Day!

SocialLuxe Lounge and Whrrl are having a contest wherein one lucky blogger will have their trip to BlogHer paid for, complete with travel, registration and lodging. I can't begin to tell you how totally awesome this would be to win… Here's my entry- feel free to "like" it and vote me up…

And just for kicks, here's what Roo and Jasper were up to this morning. Check out that surprise ending… nice.


  1. aww! That poor noggin! And Roo is like "oops!"

  2. Hey, I commented here earlier (twice, I might add) and the comment is missing!

    I just wanted to say I voted for you and that the ending of your video was so fitting...actions speak louder than words, huh? Truthfully, her thoughts were just adorable. Especially the pretend spanking that accompanied them.

  3. Oh SNAP! Jasper's poor little head and tush!

  4. LOL I LOVE the expression that is frozen on Roo's face at the end of the video!

  5. OMG she cracks me up. Poor baby brother..


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