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Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Name Is Product

Roo has very thick, luscious curls. Jasper has a flyaway ersatz baby mullet. I've finally found a product that works equally well on both of them and it's called… Product. Well, actually, it's Lil Product which is the progeny of Product, a hair styling aid made entirely from organic & plant-derived components.

Product and Lil Product are 100% natural, making them safer for you and our environment. Product contains just five ingredients (organic shea butter moisturizes as it offers natural UV protection, organic aloe vera tames and soothes, natural source Vitamin E is an antioxidant that fights free radicals to support hair health, organic white beeswax forms a natural barrier to seal in hydration, and tangerine essential oil provides a subtly energizing, gender-neutral fragrance) and Lil Product contains only six ingredients (organic chamomile brings out brilliant natural highlights, and a hint of organic cinnamon leaf oil adds a yummy spicy scent). Just a teeny dab adds shine, defines curls, adds texture and tames flyaways. If only it could keep barrettes in Roo's hair, it would be truly miraculous.

Lil Product takes Jasper from mullet to fauxhawk in seconds! Plus its spicy scent reminds me of the clove cigarettes we used to smoke in high school, so you could say it literally reeks of rebellion…

My own hair is so lackluster these days that I didn't think much could make a difference. But Product adds some oomph without weighing my hair down like many synthetically-derived pomades do. I appreciate Product's commitment to making "style you can trust" by keeping their products completely free of synthetic ingredients, chemicals and parabens.


  1. Uh oh. That sounds exactly like what I need.
    Did you use it on dry hair? I've found a few that will work well but only when my hair is wet. I'd really like to find one that works on dry hair as well.

  2. Aw. Jasper says "We're not gonna take it"

  3. I love the name of the product...ha!

    It reminds me of when I go to get my hair cut and the stylist (teenage girl) keeps talking on and on about product.

    I like the idea of a fauxhawk smelling like clove cigarettes.


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