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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Slob to Suave Contest Winner!

This is the thrilling conclusion to the Slob to Suave Father's Day Contest from last week, wherein one lucky mom will win a $100 JCPenney gift card to makeover the dad in her life…


Okay, next time I have a contest like this, we will have to do a random drawing because children are not entirely unbiased… there were two contenders according to my impartial young'uns:

Up first, Heather's boyfriend:

Next we have non-blogger Lisag1234's candidate (she emailed this picture):

Do you see the common element here? I do believe my kiddos were completely ignoring their fashion police duties and going "aww, he likes doggies! and he likes kitties!" Hmm.

So we tossed a coin and the winner of the $100 JCPenney gift card is… the pug. I mean, Heather's boyfriend. Congratulations!

Thank you to everyone who played along. You are all great sports!


  1. Glad Boog the Pug won (Yes from Open Season). This is Awesome SO just got a new job and he needs some dress shirts and Since I shop Clearance, I can probably get him like 5-6 shirts with that kind of money! Perfect! Thanks to Roo and Jasper, and that Coin of course!

  2. Congrats Heather, maybe you should get yourself something too. I'm sure you deserve it!!

    Enjoy your summer & tell your b/f good luck with his new job...

  3. D'oh! I'm finally catching up on my blog reading. DH could have used this. I mean REALLY.

  4. I think they chose fine, or should I say unfine candidates...pets or no pets!

    Congrats Heather's boyfriend! I like the tattoo...

  5. HaHa! He has 4 of them. The one there is a tiger face and Surrounding it is a Dragon. Goes all the way up to his collarbone. On the other arm he has a Baseball and a Tiger with waterfall. He wants to get his Navy one soon!! He's a Disabled Navy Veteran!

    Thanks for the Luck. So far He likes his job, and In fact went to one of the work Parties tonight!


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