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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Slob to Suave… A Father's Day Contest

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When Bob and I first started dating, we both paid a lot more attention to fashion. I introduced him to the wonders of designer shoes and he bought expensive jeans. These days, we've devolved into a style that can only be described as comfy parental slob. It suits our kid-centric lifestyles but you probably wouldn't want to have your picture taken with either of us. The kind folks at JCPenney have given me a $100 gift card to give Bob a Father's Day Makeover. (I think they realize it would take more than $100 to help me out. Shudder.)

First up, let's take a look at the subject in question. A great dad, yes, but hardly a sartorial wunderkind. Here he is in his natural habitat, playing with the kids:

Here's what he looks like without kids, posing rather dashingly (dorkily) in front of some of his artwork and sporting his trusty sun hat and yet another beard experiment:

I'll be honest. I don't expect to wrestle him into a suit. (Although I would love to see him in something like this Concepts by Claiborne Black Striped Suit… sans brightly colored tie and flashy belt, naturally.)

Wouldn't that look slick at one of his openings? I think JCPenney's American Living would be more Bob's style. Maybe a pair of nicely fitting American Living Bootcut Jeans without scattered, tattered holes and paint splatters paired with an American Living Gingham Woven Shirt. This is about as "4th of July" as I can imagine my husband getting, if you can believe it.

For summer weekends, I could see Bob in something casual that isn't covered in sawdust. I like the American Living Green Plaid Shorts and I think he would like them, too, because they're slim cut but have cargo pockets. It's hard to find cargo shorts that aren't too baggy, according to my dear husband. I also like the detail on this orange American Living Classic Crewneck Graphic Tee. I think this outfit would still fit in with Bob's style, such that it is, without looking super sloppy. Or actively filthy, for that matter.

JCPenney wants to give one of my readers a $100 gift card to take a dad in their life from Slob to Suave for Father's Day! To enter, post a picture of your makeover candidate in all his slob glory ("before" style in his own clothes) on your blog and leave a link in comments below. If you don't have a blog, email your picture to me.

Entries will be accepted through Father's Day, June 21st. By entering, you are giving me your permission to post your photo on this blog. Remember to be family-friendly, so no nudity or otherwise questionable photos, please. Winner will be chosen by a panel of experts… my kids.


  1. You're funny. Comfy parental slobs.
    I can't imagine him in a suit. No.

    I'm goina get in trouble for this...but I'm in. Mine needs worse help worse than yours. Last week he asked for rope for a belt since belt buckles cut into his gut.

  2. I can definitely see him in the American Living clothes. I like how comfy yet stylish they look, and JC Penney always has reasonable prices.

    We too have sunken into the parental slob look. I'm going to post about this very soon, and I'll make sure not to have any questionable photos, LOL!

  3. Here's my entry!

    Will I need to ply the kids with sweets for their votes? :)

  4. LOL!!! I think the beard experiment is working for him, but the pose in front of the artwork... Not so much. =)
    I can't think of many parents who aren't just like all of us though... The "Comfy Parental Slobs". =)

  5. Here we go ... I'm glad he's a lover and not a fighter.

  6. Thanks JCPenney!

  7. Okay. For one hundred dollars , he's submitted to taking his final exam; a shopping trip at JC Penney.

    I think I may be in trouble

  8. Here's mine. For $100 I'll let him be embarrassed!!

  9. Emailing my roomate, I caught him asleep!

  10. I'm e-mailing mine, too.

    Now, he's not *slobby* per se, unless you consider that he wears this EVERYWHERE.

    And it rustles loudly enough to wake up sleeping children! Save us!

  11. I would love to win this gift card, I could buy some new clothes for me and my family! Thankyou for the contest! :)

  12. I sent my entry thru email.
    Dukier44{at}aol dot com

  13. I could seriously help my hubby with the gift card. He seriously needs it. T-shirt, shorts, crocs any day every day. My email WHAT_COY@YAHOO.COM

  14. Here is my entry ...

  15. His image could use a little sharpening up.


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