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Friday, July 31, 2009

Goooooal!, Jasper's Haircut and Other Kid Pictures

Obviously, I was suffering from post-BlogHer stress syndrome this week and couldn't manage to get a Wordless Wednesday post up. This is a condolence post for those of you who simply cannot go a week without scads of pictures of my beauteous kiddos. Hi, Dad!

Taking the kids to Sam's the day after returning from such a whirlwind trip was enough to put me on high blood pressure medicine. No joke! They may look sweet but these two are devil spawn. I blame Bob.

They're much easier to deal with when untethered in the wild. I got them this mini soccer goal set to try and wear them out. Roo likes the trash talking element of sports while Jasper prefers kicking balls into poison ivy. Score!

Sometimes Jasper likes to up his cuteness factor by getting as close as possible to any of our six cats. T. Rex is probably the most tolerant, although Chunk lets Roo lead him on a leash like a puppy. I think Rex feels like Jasper is his twin. They have very similar personalities, both wanting to be stroked and adored constantly. And both have crazy, sweaty bedhead.

One day, Jasper had sweet blondish flyaway curls (okay, there was a serious dreadlock thing going on in the back) and then suddenly…

…he is all grown up! Maybe he'll be able to keep up with that pesky Roo now. There's gonna be trouble, people.

The weather has been unusually mild since and I appreciate the reprieve since August in Kansas usually feels like living in a convection oven. It's been really great being able to hang out in the backyard without melting. Idyllic, even. Roo likes to blow bubbles and Jasper likes to chase them. It's really a win-win situation for me.

I love this sea bird that Bob made out of old license plates for the upcoming Horn Island show at MCA. Surprisingly graceful swaying from the crabapple tree.


  1. LOL! Devil spawn... I can see how they would be after 4 days without mom! Mine would be too!
    Jasper is all grown up with that hair cut!
    They're too cute!
    Send some of that nice weather over here, would ya? We've had extreme heat warnings every week for the past few weeks! 110-115 degrees can GO AWAY!

  2. I don't know if you can blame genetics. A couple of hours with my kids and I can kind of sympathize with that witch from "Mommy Dearest".

  3. Jasper is looking so grown up! Soren also had a haircut this weekend, and looks so weird. I'll post some photos on Wednesday most likely.

    I don't know what it is about summer, but Sojo is acting like a maniac too, so fussy and clingy. It's been a rough month.

    I miss you! Wish I were hanging out in the backyard with you guys.

  4. Great photos, Jasper is adorable, with or without the hair. I love the picture of Roo in the Fireman outfit. I know JUST what you mean about Devil spawn, mine used to get like that, too... especially towards the end of summer when it was all hot and sticky and they were tired of being cooped up.
    Glad you made it home safe to them and I know they are glad to have you home!

  5. Love the new haircut! I love shorter hair-styles on boys. :-)

  6. dude, he's getting huge! where is time going?

  7. love the pics. it always amazes me at how older a hair cut makes little boys look!


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