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Monday, July 13, 2009

Welcome, Space Monkey!

Laura, my compatriot from Mums the Wurd, has launched a seriously cool project with her husband and a couple of their good friends. Their new brainchild is Space Monkey, an online gallery/storefront where you can buy ready to hang 12″ x 12″ canvas prints (high gloss or matte finish) signed by the artists. Eventually they plan to expand their offerings to include clothing, toys and more. Laura's husband, Elliott, is the proprietor of an Ebay collectibles shop and they have two little boys, so they definitely know what grabs and holds kids' interests… and what will span the test of time. I'm partial to the Stitch-Kins, which blend the homespun charm of rag dolls with cuddly critters.

In honor of Space Monkey's grand opening, they're offering my readers a 15% discount using the code BLASTOFF (expires August 1st). They're also offering $20 off of their adorable Dino-Shores line, this week only!


  1. Oh those stitchkins are so cute it should be illegal.

  2. Those are cute ! I like that elephant ; he reminds me of an old elephant friend of mine in a play once....


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