superdumb supervillain: Wordless Wednesday- Jasper Is Two!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Jasper Is Two!

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  1. Oh... so precious! They look like they had a great time but then, someone pinched poor Jasper.

  2. How fun!! Did she scare him with those teeth? LOL Goodness!

  3. Happy birthday Jasper.... looks like they had a very good... and a very LONG day!!
    Thanks for sharing...

  4. Ah, late again! I checked when I was online on Wed, but you hadn't posted yet... And of course, I was only online to check email.
    ANYWAY, looks like you had such a great party, and he got some fun gifts! LOVE that one of them passed out in the stroller! LOL!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!


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