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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Pool

And, yes, I am too cheap to waste swim diapers in our own backyard…

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  1. Kids are happier in their birthday suites anyway ;)

  2. Exactly.

    Livin life naked in your backyard splashing and running doesn't sound like a bad deal. Splash, little children, splash.

  3. LOL!! I thought that it looked like he was naked!! I'm with you... Why waste the money? We just put Erik in his swim trunks, so swim diaper, and hope for the best! LOL!

  4. Hey, naked works when you are that age! Cute kids! Happy WW! :)

  5. We don't use diapers either in the backyard pool. I just throw a suit on him (we live right on a corner, so who knows what pervs are lurking.

    Oh, the fun of drinking out of the hose!

  6. Looks like he (and she) was having a blast no matter what he had (or didn't have)on. Besides, when my kids were little, there were no such things as swim diapers. They and the pools survived!! :-O
    Live and let live.....
    Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

  7. Lookie Lookie who's nakied! LOL SO cute!


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