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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is the band I managed while I was failing out of college. (I did eventually get my BA after moving to the NW, so don't tsk tsk me too much…) Apparently they got together at a house party last spring after a zillion years and all sorts of crazy life stuff and did a show. Without telling me. And I stumbled across it on YouTube. Yes, I am out of the loop. But they still sound great, right?


  1. You managed a band? How did I not know this?

  2. They are great! How did you get that gig anyway? Or should I ask, were you sleeping with any of them...:)? Don't answer that!

  3. Wow. They ARE good. I think he must have a purdy guitar.

    Aw..... But they don't have munchkins!
    And you do.

  4. Wow, you managed a band... Pretty cool!!
    I can't listen to them right now, since the kiddos are sleeping and the computer is right by Logan's bedroom door... I'll have to tomorrow though!


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